Our projects tend to be scattered far and wide across the British Isles; from the heart of
London to the Hebridean Islands - working at such distances becomes entirely practical with
the efficient communications network to hand and the right team.

We work with our clients from the concept stage forwards to develop design which accommodates the many requirements that present themselves, iteratively refining the design until we have a solution which best answers the brief in hand.

  • Inception and feasibility
  • Concept design
  • Sketch Scheme design
  • Computer generated visualisations
  • Physical scale modelling
  • Detailed design
  • Dynamic thermal simulation to refine design
  • Fabric and system calculations for certification and simulation
  • Planning application
  • Detailed design of the structure
  • Detailed construction design
  • Building Control approval
  • Scheduling of primary elements
  • Tendering
  • Construction phase support
  • In service performance testing and monitoring